Yuhong group provides investment management business of infrastructure projects to customers through PPP (Public-Private collaboration) in the infrastructure industry. Relying on the strong capital operation and management ability of the group, we could build a ppp+ecosystem concluded investment (and financing )-construction management-operation management that provides comprehensive investment and financing construction schemes for various projects. A large amount of social capital has been introduced into infrastructure construction, through innovative investment and financing mode, which has eased the local government’s financial pressure, accelerated the pace of infrastructure construction, realized the marketization, socialization and specialization of project management and reduced the burden and risks of construction investment , formed a "win-win" cooperation among government, society and investors at the same time.

Mining Investment

Import and Export Trade

Well financed, strategically experienced and backed by a core portfolio in the gold, oil and gas, coal, copper, phosphate, iron and vanadium sectors -Yuhong group is well poised to continue its development, to build upon its performance and to make further timely investments in a selection of value-enhancing opportunities across geographical regions.

Shanghai Xuan Yi Trading Co., Ltd, the subsidiary company of Yuhong Group,insists in regarding commodities, big markets, major customers as the international trade pattern, and promotes the integration of specialization, informationization, and financialization, to build a modern business model. The main trade commodities include agricultural and sideline products, mineral products, precious metal,etc.

Project Case

Successfully obtained the exploration and mining rights in Sierra Leone

Yuhong Group seizes the historic opportunity of China-Africa cooperation, closely follows the “Belt and Road” strategic pace, to enforce Group’s strategy of “bringing in and going out” and continuously strengthening multiple cooperation with West Africa. After competing with other outstanding companies, Yuhong group successfully abotained the mining licenses of the LITTLE SCARCIES RIVER and ROKEL RIVER in Sierra Leone.The riverbeds that have been tested on two rivers not only have high-quality river sand, but also rich in gold, which greatly enhances the mining value of the two rivers.

Successfully obtained the exploration and mining rightsin Guinea-Bissau

The Yuhong Group continued to explore overseas minerals business and successfully acquired the mineral exploration rights and mining rights of zircon sand, rutile and ilmenite in the 450 hectare mining area in the Sucujaque area of Guinea-Bissau.Guinea-Bissau has a wealth of undeveloped mineral resources. According to the exploration data, there are millions of tons of mineral resources such as zircon sand, rutile, ilmenite, etc. Among them, zircon sand has high heat resistance, making it acore raw materials for the science and technology industries, and is widely used in electronic ceramics, aerospace, military, nuclear and other fields. China is a scarce country with zirconium resources. 83% of the world's zirconium is distributed in Australia and Africa, and China only accounts for 0.6%.