We capture investment opportunities that benefit from China’s growth momentum through the in-depth understanding of China’s macro and micro economic trends and accurate interpretation of the policies, by analyzing the market with forward-looking perspective, integrating the mature operational experience and strong executive capacity. We improve the capital and operational capabilities of the company, and achieve the performance improvement while discovering potential value, establishing PE, VC, investment mergers and acquisitions, equity credit restructuring, parent fund and other multi-level investment system with the distinction of quality companies.

Growth Investment

Project Development

Buy and Build Platforms

Mergers and Acquisitions

We are good at equity investment in growth companies, and could bring value increase to enterprises with our funds and operational experience in the process of investment.

We invest in new and post-development projects in the fields of energy, water and infrastructure.

We invest in small companies, scalable platform and supportive management teams in fragmented industries, and we believe that there includes potential considerable revenues and marginal benefits that can be generated by industry consolidation.

We discover potential acquisitions with the exploration of niche market at home and abroad, and driven the value growth by restructuring, improved operations and technology upgrades.

We follow the management concept of "Chinese Dream, Yuhong xing", capture investment opportunities that benefit from China's growth momentum through the in-depth understanding of the macro and micro economic trends in China, as well as the in-depth analysis of the market situation from the perspective of accurate policy interpretation and prospective and combining with our mature operating experience, strong executive ability .
The investment business consisted of three parts: strategic investment, private equity and venture capital, and PE/VC/LP investment as a limited partner in the group's capital management business, as well as secondary market investments.


We set up asset management plans (including special asset management plans) on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis to invest in cash, bank deposits, stocks, bonds, securities investment funds, central bank notes, non-financial corporate debt financing instruments, asset-backed securities, commodity futures and other financial derivatives; equity, creditor's rights and other property rights not transferred through a stock exchange; other assets approved by the CSRC. levitra


Equity Investment

Overseas Investment

Alternative Investment

Bank's Acceptance Bill

Family Office

One of the key services tailored to UHNs customers is to help the family achieve wealth retention. Risk reduction (both systemic and non-systemic) through asset allocation and active management to improve portfolio returns.


Non-performing assets business, that is, to participate in bidding, delisting or agreement to purchase non-performing assets, through disposal or reorganization means to manage, thereby obtaining income or operational value of assets.