Yuhong Group's Shanghai Xuanyi Trade Co., Ltd. adheres to the international trade pattern of commodities, big markets and large customers, promotes the integration of specialization, information and finance, and constructs a modern business model. The main trade commodities include: grain feed, coal mineral products, food and soon.

Import Business

Existing food import business, coal and mineral products import business and grain and feed import business team. With professional and enterprising team spirit and strong financial strength, as well as a good operating model, business scale is increasingly expanded to uphold a good reputation has been trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

Foreign Trade Service

Yuhong accepts the domestic and foreign customers’ entrustment, sign the comprehensive service contract(agreement) according to law, relies on the comprehensive information service, handles the customers declaration, the inspection, the logistics, the tax refund, the settlement, the letter safeguard and so on the one-step service.

Value-added Services


Package Design

Barcode Service





Quality Control

Order Service

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