Digital business, artificial intelligence, smart terminals and the Internet of Things will change the social and economic landscape amid the development of a new round of wisdom revolution with the promotion of industrial technology. Yuhong Group grasps the investment opportunities brought about by the big wave of technological change and fosters plans in the core of the industry chain in advance.

Intelligent Service

Qianhai yuhong nanwei information technology(shenzhen) Ltd,. the group and the limited Nanwei software co-founded provides software development, technical services, Internet technology development and services, network security products, intelligent system integration services for enterprises and government.

New Energy

With the unique operation mode of "wind, light, storage, network and sale", the group has developed into diversified ,large-scale, modernized and large new energy group with the major area of clean energy, such as wind power, photovoltaic, hydropower, electric power station, new energy automobile industry, intelligent energy management, triple supply, garbage power generation, sewage treatment, and follows the national environmental protection and energy conservation policy closely, focusing on intelligent energy, integrating intelligent cities, smart homes, intelligent tourism, create green intelligence "zero emissions" town at the same time.

Smart City

Group smart city industry chain resources integration operators, big data applications and service providers for the positioning, committed to smart city, government, party affairs, public security, transportation, water conservancy, Big data and other areas of software development and Internet sharing economic platform construction and operation.

Big Data

Yuhong big data product integrates the newest mainstream big data open source component, completes the data loading, the data preprocessing, the data analysis, the on-line computation, the offline computation and the data mining function through the graphical operation. It encapsulates batch processing and stream processing, complete machine learning algorithm library, realizes data modeling, test simulation and other advanced functions, such as intelligent prediction, abnormal behavior analysis and so on. Has been successfully used in public security, finance, medical and public utilities, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Yu Hong upholds the iron triangle law of artificial intelligence = big data +cloud computing+machine learning, enables the machine to have self-learning and consummates the upgrading intelligence attribute and make artificial intelligence lead the progress of science and technology at the same time, serve for the development of human society better.

Information Security

Yuhong group provides investment management business of infrastructure projects to customers through PPP (Public-Private collaboration) in the infrastructure industry. Relying on the strong capital operation and management ability of the group, we could build a ppp+ecosystem concluded investment (and financing )-construction management-operation management that provides comprehensive investment and financing construction schemes for various projects. A large amount of social capital has been introduced into infrastructure construction, through innovative investment and financing mode, which has eased the local government’s financial pressure, accelerated the pace of infrastructure construction, realized the marketization, socialization and specialization of project management and reduced the burden and risks of construction investment , formed a "win-win" cooperation among government, society and investors at the same time.