Yuhong Group vigorously merges into China's consumer industry reform, has closely-knit with consumption transformation, seizes investment opportunities focusing on new consumption trends and grasps industry resources in corresponding to the national supply-side reform strategy.

Comprehensive Development

The business of Yuhong group includes the whole land planning, primary development, secondary development and investment property operation.

Business Operation

Yuhong can acquire high quality land at low price through various channels and obtain more higher land value added premium with development and operation.

Television Media

Yuhong explores the unicorn in pan-entertainment and searches high-quality IP which has value taken advantage of leverage market resource. Yuhong focus on investment opportunites in entertainment industry such as film, sports,deduction,music,fashion,live broadcast,game and soon related consumer upgrade area.

Cultural Tourism

As the core business of cultural tourism plate, the special town, which depends on a certain characteristic industry and special environmental factors, such as region, ecology, culture and so on, has a clear industry orientation, cultural connotation, tourism characteristics and certain community functions of the comprehensive development system.

Pension Service

Yuhong strives to promote the expansion of quality and capacity of service consumption in the happy industry, applies the ppp model to support the supply-side structure reform of the old-age service industry with combination with industrial resources, and promotes the cultivation and development of the old-age service industry to form a multi-level and multi-channel system. Diversified endowment service market development.

Project case

Citizen Culture and Health Square, Beita District, Shaoyang City

Project Overview: It belongs to the Citizen Culture and Health Square project, covering an area of about 370 acres and costing about 600 million yuan. It aims to build a comprehensive civic cultural and health center integrating medical care, recreation, culture, education, entertainment and tourism. The implementation of the project has accelerated the construction of public cultural infrastructure in Beita District, revitalizing existing cultural facilities resources, making good use of new cultural facilities, and improving the utilization rate and service level of cultural facilities. The project aims to build a full-coverage public cultural service system, promote the development of sports health industry, strengthen urban functions, shape urban windows, improve the living environment and investment environment of urban residents, and promote the rapid economic development of Beita District to realize the urban development strategy goal of Shaoyang “road network expansion city, commercial and trade city, cultural tourism city, ecological show city”. The North Tower District of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, the construction of the city of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, and the Shanghai Yuhong Enterprise Development Group jointly established a total of 10 billion yuan of industrial guidance funds, receiving the first phase of the fund of 2 billion funds. As such, the project is expected to be official launch in 2018.

Changde City Taiyangshan

120 million RMB: early stage financing for “Changde City Taiyangshan Forest Recreational Characteristic Town Project”.

Pangyang Yuliangzhou Tourism

120 million RMB: early stage financing for "Pangyang Yuliangzhou Tourism Distribution Center PPP Project”.

Changsha Dawangshan Xiangjiang Happy City

Project Overview: It is located in the south of Changsha, on the west bank of Xiangjiang River. It is a tourism complex covering an area of 1.6 square kilometers with a total construction area of 500,000 square meters and a total investment of 12 billion yuan. This Happy City will be an indoor ski resort with the theme of “changing face” of waste cement mines with a width of 400 meters and a depth of 100 meters – Snow World (Happy Snow, Happy Water Village), becoming the main part of Xiangjiang Happy City, a tourism complex integrating tourism, shopping and leisure in Hunan. The project will open at the end of 2017. Upon completion, it will become a national tourism industry giant that surpasses Guangzhou Changlong and Shenzhen East OCT, expecting to receive 100,000 person-times per day, with an annual reception volume of 15 million people and an annual income of 3 billion yuan. Financing Arrangement: Key Project of Hunan Xiangjiang New District, PPP Demonstration Project, involving the pre-project reporting, review, warehousing, bidding, financing, and construction. Happy City has a total investment of 8.7 billion yuan. As of 2016-12, the snow world hotel structure is capped, the ice and snow world is deepened, and the ice and snow equipment is recruited.