Yuhong Group's Year-end Appreciation Meeting Held Successfully

On January 5, 2019, Shanghai Yuhong Enterprise Development Group Co.Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yuhong Group”) is held at the Shanghai Jinmao Grand Hyatt Hotel on schedule. Themed as “Joining Hands in Common Fortunes, and Promoting Development in Concerted Efforts”, VIPs and politicians from Sierra Leone and Liberia are especially invited to attend this event to promote friendly cooperation between China and Africa and drive common economic development in the future, at the same time, it also takes the opportunity to build a bridge for win-win cooperation between China and Africa.

Annual meeting site

The special guests of this grand event are:

●Minister of Local Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Mr. Philip Tetema Tondoneh;

●Deputy Ambassador of Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Mr. Saffa Woya Rogers;

●Presidential Advisor of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Ms. Jarieu Bayoh;

●Legal Advisor of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Ms. Linda Katherine Anderson;

●Presidential Envoy of the Republic of Liberia, Mr. Prince Weah;

●Presidential Advisor of the Republic of Liberia, Ms. Dola Jackie Awar;

The Annual Meeting Opens with the President's Speech

The year of 2018 witnessed Yuhong Group's all-out efforts with energy and dedication. Thanks to the joint efforts of all colleagues in the Group, Yuhong Group has achieved continuous progress and healthy development in the past year

As the founder of Yuhong Group, Mr. Dong Zengmin expressed his gratitude to every "family members" for your trust and support in 2018. In the future, Yuhong Group will continue to innovate, forge ahead and live up to your expectations.

Big Shot Presents, and Eyes on the Future

In the following keynote speech, Mr. Rui Yuehua, the representative of the 12 th National People's Congress, the former party secretary and director of the Hubei Securities Regulatory Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the former party secretary and chairman of the China Securities Small- and Medium-sized Investor Service Center Co., Ltd., and strategic adviser of the Yuhong Group, summarized two representative "black swan" in the past 2018: Sino-US trade war and the development of private enterprises. He said 2019 was an unusual year, with market uncertainties soaring, and risks and crises will continue to emerge. In 2018, we are experiencing a global economic slowdown. Affected by trade tensions, the global economic growth is showing an overall slowdown trend. In this reverse cycle of globalization, the downward pressure of China's economy is also increasing, and the investment in fixed assets is slowing down gradually. Under the macroeconomic policies and regulation, China will continue to evolve in the reverse cycle with "slowing down in growth and improving in quality".

Internally, the trade war between China and the United States has promoted a new round of reform in China and further propelled industrial upgrading; "three eliminations, one reduction, and one supplement" is also quite effective, which enables a stable development of the market.

Externally, China will play an active role in the future development of globalization. To activate trade cooperation between Asia, Europe and Africa through the Belt and Road initiative, and bring new momentum to promote investment and industrial cooperation among countries along the route.

In the future, the central government will give full support to the development of private economy and, with strategic foresight, establish long-term mechanism and superior platform for the development of private economy from two aspects of market construction and legal construction.

In the end, Mr. Rui concluded his speech by "faith for a better tomorrow", which demonstrates his confidence in China's rise and future.

Review the Past, and Look into the Future

Subsequently, Mr. Shen Xin, Vice President and General Manager of Yuhong Group, made a series of conclusions on the overall operation of the Group in 2018 and shared his outlook of the Group's layout in 2019. He summarized the responding methods and attitudes of the three business segments of Yuhong Group in the face of major changes in the internal and external environment in 2018 in the very words - "enterprising, prudent and planning for change". Mr. Shen said that the Group took the China-Africa Cooperation Forum and the World Import Expo as an opportunity to complete the important strategic layout in Africa and establish friendly and cooperative relations with the West African countries to jointly develop natural resources and help economic and trade development in Africa.

At the same time, Mr. Shen also proposed the purpose and core of the Group's overseas distribution in 2019: firstly, enterprising. The Group will be committed to supporting West Africa development with domestic high-quality enterprises, technology and productivity in 2019, working with Minhang District Government to promote the project of small towns with African characteristics, and introducing the specialty goods of the sixteen countries in West Africa, so as to open up the Chinese trade market for Sierra Leone and other member states, and achieve interconnection and intercommunication; secondly, steadiness. The Group will integrate the industry + investment model into a new format to bring it in line with the international practice, and devote itself to the building of infrastructure that serves enterprises and people, and then become part of the development of domestic industrial and commercial infrastructure; finally, planning for change. The Group will focus on customers, provide professional and most valuable high-end wealth management product solutions, and provide high-quality comprehensive services such as wealth management, wealth life and equity investment for high net worth individuals.

The Friendship between China And Africa, Win-win Cooperation

The most worth mentioning is, of course, that the foreign guests from all over the world have also expressed their sincere wishes to the Yuhong Group. Among them, three foreign guests from Sierra Leone, Mr. PHILIP TETEMA TONDONEH, Mr. SAFFA WOYA ROGERS and Ms. JARIEU BAYOH expressed their ardent blessings for long-standing friendship between China and Africa and their sincere wishes for the deep cooperation between Yuhong Group and Sierra Leone in the future; while Mr. PRINCE WEAH, the special envoy of Liberian President, expressed his love for China and his vision for further development of China and Liberia in humorous words.